Sarvajna History

About Sarvajna

Sri Sarvajna School aims at contributing a HAPPY CHILD to the society. Our qualified teachers uphold the earnest sincerity towards their profession on pursuit of transforming students into responsible citizens. Being affiliated to CBSE – Delhi, we aspire to deliver quality education by making the best use of our infrastructure.
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Through our philosophy, we bring to bear a value based education system that inculcates discipline, self-respect, and honesty. We ensure that the children grow with the sense of affection and togetherness irrespective of their community. We at Sarvajna, work towards developing a passion towards learning. We encourage the students to question, which in turn enhances their innovative and creative thinking ability. Knowledge brings enlightenment and elevates a child’s moral fiber, concurrently it leads to a – ‘know it all’ attitude. We take pride in channelizing the power of knowledge and not letting it lead to arrogance. We believe that knowledge, in turn, should contribute to societal progression and reverberate good will.
Children are impressionable; it is our responsibility to help them understand the difference between the right and wrong. When we are preparing children to face the real world, we are also liable to teach them to own up their mistakes and correct them.